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”SKMC ” is one of the leading companies in the port of Odessa , Illichevks , Yuzhny. We offer port agent services for the cargo ships in the port of Odessa and also the motor and sailing yachts in the port of Odessa , Illichevks Yuzhnyy, Chernomorsk, Kherson, Izmail.Our company is ready to provide a full range of services . SKMC Shipping Agency Ltd works as a general agent with the shipowners, so we are ready to protect the legitimate interests of shipowners and perform a wide range of duties :

-Port clearance (Handling of all formalities)

-Competitive proforma D/A

-Port services (tugs, cranes, linesmen, pilots, forklifts, berths, cargo handling, and storage services)

-Reservation of berths , providing tugs and pilots and so on;

-Arranging the procedure for port , border, customs and other formalities associated with the arrival , stay in port and its departure;

-Maintenance of the ship in port ( including the payment of fees , port charges and fines , ship repair work , supplying ships with fuel , water, food , related expenses ).;

-Organization of cargo handling and acceptance of goods, control over the process of cargo operations , preparation and execution of cargo and ship’s papers;

-Settlement of disputes on shipping with cargo and port authorities, protection of the legitimate interests of shipowners;

-Arranging customs and border formalities for ships on road;

-Crew repatriation;

-For passenger ships and yacht excursions on a professional level.

-Change of ownership

-Garbage, Sludges/Bilges & Sewage

-Foreign exchange services

-Husbandry protection

-Cargo insurance

-Bunkering Services

All our services are carried out with great responsibility and extensive expertise, to the best interest of our clients, for smooth and prompt turnaround of vessels.


Our mission

Our mission is to satisfy all our customers with the agency services we provide, as we do now. To provide the most economical service to ships during their time in Ukrainian ports.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the only authorized port agency of the shipowners who we work with in all Ukrainian ports.




Our qualified and experienced team is available 7/24 to provide the best agent services in Ukrainian ports and discuss any matters.


Our qualified and experienced team completes all vessel operations on time and contributes to our shipowner's and charterers time management economy.


SKMC Ship Agent has strict company policy regarding satisfaction of clients from begin to end. We follow every works which we do from zero to one. As a business principle, we never leave a follow-up until the work is completed bilaterally.


We will reply you within 10 minutes!

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